Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Snow Love

To me snow is amazing and I like to make the most of it when it's around.
We only had snow for a few days where I live but I was out in it everyday :) as I was walking along the beach enjoying the patches of snow that had not yet thawed I saw this little love staring up at me :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Knitted Love

Today was a family filled day, one of the best days :)
Having lived away from home for the last 7 years I really enjoy the time I get to spend with my family now I've moved back.
The babies are the most important as when I lived away they didn't really know who I was. My youngest niece Mabel would hardly even talk to me when I first moved back.
After almost a year of me being a regular face when she comes over she now runs up to her Aunty Coco (that's what they call me) and gives me a hug as soon as she walks in the door which makes me very happy :D

Today they all learnt how to knit, I've decided to make a blanket out of lots of different knitted squares and I want the whole family to be a part of it, something that will last forever and be a very special memory.

My first square to add is a square of Love (not my usual random heart find but it's a heart all the same) :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Birds left me a trail of love :)

After a very stressful day yesterday I woke up this morning to a beautiful fresh white blanket of snow.
Snow has a very special meaning to me, it symbolises new beginnings, a fresh start, peace, happiness and other more personal things...overall it just makes me feel calm and happy so I put on my snow shoes and went for a very long walk.
This is the first time it's snowed since I've lived by the beach so I decided to see what the pebbles looked like in the snow, while walking away from the drama of yesterday I noticed some cute little bird prints in the snow and as I followed them I saw that the birds had left a message of Love :) another little sign that everything is going to be ok <3